Picture of Dianne Rekow

It’s with a great sense of loss that I share with you that Dianne Rekow, who was recently elected to the School Board, passed away.

Dianne was an internationally known and respected researcher and academic in the areas of aesthetic and restorative dentistry and an early pioneer in digital dentistry.  She was the Dean at the Dental Institute at King’s College of London and, prior to that, a professor and provost at NYU. She was also a Senior Scholar of the Sante Fe Group, a leading think-tank dedicated to improving life through oral health.  You can find an online obituary here

Dianne began volunteering at St. George School in the fall of 2019.  Two to three days per week, she tutored and mentored students who required more intensive and academically challenging learning approaches.  Last school year, Dianne worked with a small group of students providing them advanced math learning opportunities.

Dianne cared deeply for our students and school community.  She often told me how impressed she was with our school, our commitment to students, and our vision for education.  Coming from Dianne - with her wealth of experience in higher education and as a world-class researcher - that vote of confidence meant a great deal.  

Elected to the School Board just last spring, Dianne approached this role with professionalism, deep respect for the position and institution, and a desire to listen to and learn from others - she attended many Board meetings and workshops, spoke with Board members about what the job entailed, and met with me repeatedly to learn about the school district.

Anytime I met with Dianne, I left feeling wiser, calmer, and more hopeful.  She had a presence that inspired those feelings.  We will miss her.

Moving Forward
The Town Charter and school policy (BBBE) require this vacancy to be filled by a special election called by the Town.  That election will take place during the general election on Tuesday, November 8.  Papers for the Board seat can be taken out from the Town Office on August 29 and must be returned, with 25 signatures from registered St. George voters, by September 26.  More information about the School Board election process and role of a School Board member can be found here.


Mike Felton, St. George MSU Superintendent