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There is currently a vacancy on the St. George MSU School Board. It will be filled by a special election held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.  If you are interested in this position, papers will be available from the Town Office after August 29. You then need to get signatures from 25 registered voters from the town of St. George and return the papers to the Town Office by September 26.  That will put your name on the ballot for the election on November 8.  This position is for 1 year and you could run again next year for a three-year term.

The full board meets one evening each month. Board members are expected to have read the material that will be discussed at each meeting. There are additional meetings for workshops,training, and during the budget process in March. Board members also serve on committees and working groups. 

Qualities of a Board Member
The most important quality of a board member is the commitment to provide each child with the best possible education.  A successful board member is able to work with others, listen to others, has an open-mind, and is able to discuss issues in order to make decisions that are in the best interest of the children and our school district. 
School Board Authority and Responsibilities
School board members only have authority when acting as a full board. It is the responsibility of the board to see that the school is well run. It is not their responsibility to run the school.  School boards are responsible for policy development, employing and evaluating the Superintendent, approving the budget , maintaining buildings, and determining the vision and goals as well as standards for the district.  Board members also serve on committees (e.g., Finance, Policy, Wellness, etc.) and working groups (e.g., Pre-K, Facilities, High School Transition, Wellness, etc.). 

A Community School
St. George MSU is a community school district that pledges to do whatever it takes to ensure that every student thrives and to contribute to the vitality and resiliency of the Town of St. George.  Since becoming an independent school district in 2015, we have accomplished an incredible amount.  These accomplishments, to name a few, including designing and operating a successful high school choice program; increasing social work services for students and families;  partnering with community organizations (i.e., Jackson Memorial Library, Herring Gut Learning Center, Blueberry Cove, MidCoast School of Technology, the Apprencticeshop, Hurricane Island, etc.) to enrich, strengthen, and diversify our academic offerings; developing high quality, cost effective special education programs that reduced the need for high cost, out-of-district placements and allow more of our students to attend their community school; expanding the Makerspace Initiative and adding STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) classes.  We are very proud that pre K will be part of our school this year and that we have raised over 1.5 million dollars for the construction of the CTE-Career and technology education center. 
We have been able to accomplish this thanks to a talented and dedicated staff, the unceasing support of our community, and the dedication and leadership of our School Board .  In order to keep moving forward, we need a School Board that continues to be made up of open-minded individuals who will safeguard the public’s trust in our school community by making informed decisions and committing to our mantra: “Excellence. Community. Engagement.” We know that a school that is strong, innovative, and responsive to the community can be the heart of a great town, a source of pride and cohesion. 

For More Information
To get a sense of the scope of our work and the dynamics of the School Board you are welcome to attend a Board or a working group meeting. You may want to read the minutes of some of our School Board meetings or take a look at our policies.  You can find them on the St. George MSU website If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of the current School Board members. You can reach them by email:

Kristin Falla,
Jennifer Garrett,
Alane Kennedy,
Chris Polky,