K/1  and 1st grade at Mechanical Arts shop

K/1 and 1st grade students have been learning about tools this fall. As part of their Tools Expedition, students ventured out to businesses in our community to see what tools they use and how the tools help them get work done. Students visited Ancho Honey, Mechanical Arts, Marshbrook Landscaping, and the St.George Fire&Rescue and Ambulance Station. A special thank you to St. George School alumni Malcolm Bedell, Phillip Reinhardt, and David Wilgus as well as local firefighters Ashleigh Lunt, Ryan Cline, and Chuck Sisson for teaching us about tools.

People sometimes ask how do you bring Career & Technical Education (CTE) to early elementary students. Well, Ms. Rice and Ms. Thompson figured it out!

It's another example of the hands-on/minds-on technical learning connected to career & community that led to our selection as a semifinalist for the Yass Prize.