Yass Prize Semifinalist

Last night, St. George MSU was selected as one of the 33 semifinalists for the national Yass Prize, which seeks "to identify and support" the  "best-in-class education providers who can tackle the big education challenges of the day and deliver an education for students that is Sustainable, Transformational, Outstanding and Permissionless."

As a semifinalist, we'll receive $200,000 to support construction of the CTE/Makespace Building and qualify for the $1 million grand prize!

Over 2,000 organizations applied, representing 27 million students from every sector in education and every grade in the PreK-12 continuum across all 50 states. I was honored and awed to spend time with the 64 quarterfinalists over the past couple of days in Cleveland whose talent and creativity is matched by their courage and commitment to the children and communities they serve. 

A BIG shout out to Herring Gut Science Center that was among the 64 quarterfinalists.  They are one of our key community partners and their work is being recognized nationally.

Our small, rural school district in mid-coast Maine is transforming public education through a vision for the future rooted in community - in the history, traditions, & values of our town; in the natural beauty and ecological richness of the coast; in our community partners & supporters that include local businesses, nonprofits, churches, town & civic organizations, and volunteers; in the teachers and school staff who work everyday to ensure that every single one of our students thrives; and in the students, parents, and families who are at the heart of everything we do. 

Enjoy this Dragons.  

And please take a moment to VOTE for St. George MSU to receive the Yass Parent Choice Award, which will provide our district with another $100,000!


Mike Felton, St. George MSU Superintendent