CTE / Makerspace Building Project

St. George School is partnering with the MidCoast School of Technology to construct a K-8 Career Technical Education/ Makerspace Building behind the school.  Help us bring the trades, technology, and innovation back to the heart of public education and provide all students, grades K-8, with access to hands-on/ minds-on projects.  The new building will include a shop space for carpentry, metalworking and boatbuilding; an upstairs Makerspace with 3D printers, a laser cutter, and CNC routers; and a classroom that can also serve as a gallery for displaying student work.

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CTE/Makerspace Building Drawing

CTE/Makerspace Building Drawing

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Engage students in learning that matters to them, their families, and their community;

  • Help students develop the necessary technical, creative thinking, and social-emotional skills to meet existing labor force needs and create new businesses and industries; and

  • Strengthen the local economy.

This project is rooted in the history and hearts of our community, which includes generations of builders, entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators.  As of December 2023 - through grants, private donations, contributions from 30 business sponsors, and our Buy-A-Brick fundraiser - we've raised over $2.7 million toward the total estimated project costs of $3.2 million.  We are continuing to raise money to support construction costs as well as equipment, supplies, and personnel.  Please consider making a donation to the St. George School Fund to support the CTE/Makerspace Building.  For more information, please contact Superintendent Mike Felton (m.felton@stgeorgemsu.org) or School Board member Kristin Falla (k.falla@stgeorgemsu.org).

Yass Prize Finalist Badge

St. George MSU was selected as a 2023 Yass Prize Finalist and will receive $500,000 for the CTE/Makerspace Project!  The Yass Prize, known as the Pulitzer of Education Innovation, recognizes and supports the work of the "best-in-class education providers who can tackle the big education challenges of the day and deliver an education for students that is Sustainable, Transformational, Outstanding and Permissionless."  We were one of nine finalists selected from over 2000 applicants representing 27 million students from every sector in education and every grade in the PreK-12 continuum across all 50 states.  We were the only traditional public school selected as a finalist, and one of only two among the 33 semifinalists.

"The disruption that the awardees are causing in American education is remarkable,” said Jeanne Allen of the Center for Education Reform - the organization that manages the Yass Prize.  Ms. Allen, who works with education institutions across the nation, said of our district, "St. George Municipal School Unit is among the very best of American endeavors in education."

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Business Sponsors

The CTE/Makerspace Building Project will allow students to develop the necessary technical, creative thinking, and social-emotional skills to meet existing labor force needs and create new businesses and industries. Working with MCST, we'll develop a PreK - 12th grade CTE program that spurs innovation in public education and rural economic development.  

Businesses can sponsor this project as a Friend ($500+ donation), Partner ($1,000+), Visionary ($5,000+ donation), or Changemaker ($10,000+ donation).  More information about sponsorship levels and benefits can be found here.

If you are ready to join us as a sponsor or have questions, please contact Superintendent Mike Felton (m.felton@stgeorgemsu.org; 207.542.6394). 

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