Welcome Governor Mills!

Welcoming Gov. Mills to St. George School

St. George School students and staff welcomed Governor Mills on Friday to tell her about the CTE/Makerspace Project and show her the hands-on/minds-on, technical learning that is already taking place in our school.  

Ms. Thompson's 1st grade class used wood and old Maine license plates to make birdhouses.  Ms. MacCaffray's 4th graders   programmed robotic Spheros, tinkered with snap circuits, and used 3D design software to complete their "Energized Houses."  Middle-level students with Mr. Meinersmann explained how they're using 3D design, coding, and electrical engineering as part of USM's CubeSat Design Competition (a "cubesat" is a small, low-cost satellite).
Just another day at St. George School.


Clockwise from top left: 1st grader Logan Wilgus talks with Gov. Mills about the birdhouse he's building; 5th graders share their projects on energy with the Governor; 7th graders and Makerspace/Technology Dir. Paul Meinersmann tell the Governor about the USM CubeSat Design Competition they're participating in.

With the CTE/Makerspace Building, we'll be able to expand this programming to more students while offering adult education courses and "Open Shop" times for the larger community.  More info about the CTE/Makerspace Project is on our webpage.

Together, we'll transform public education, fuel rural economic development, and strengthen our community.