Dear St. George families,

As we are getting the Pre-K classroom ready for 16 students to play, learn, and grow for the first time at St. George, we realized we could really use help from the community to provide some additional items.  Most of the items can be purchased second hand or even donated by you or someone you know. If you have any questions about what we need, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at k.watson@stgeorgemsu.org. If you would like to purchase from my Amazon wish list, here is the link: Pre-K Wishlist Fall 2022

Thank you in advance!

Kim Watson

Pre-K Teacher

*indicates the wish lasts all school year

Neutral, solid color curtains for windows and above the cubbies.

Windows                         Cubbies 

Qty  Size                         Qty     Size

1     75" X 31"                   7        30" X 35 1/2"

2     75" X 37"                   1        24" X 30"

1      75" X 20"

*Assorted sized extra clothing for all seasons

Extra shorts, pants, short and long sleeved shirts, NEW boys and girls underwear, shoes (not sandals or tank tops), socks, and winter gear (jackets, snow pants, hats, mittens, and boots)

Size 4-6 and Shoe size 10-12

Art Smocks

button up oversized shirts (Qty 16)

*Natural Materials for Collections, crafting, and science investigations

 (please don't pick anything living, just items on the ground or your own collections)  

Acorns, pinecones, bark, rocks, seeds, pebbles, shells, other???

Children's books in good shape, all subjects, fiction/non-fiction

*Arts and Crafts/Writing Station/Sensory

paper plates (white, non coated)

recycled greeting cards

assorted sized envelopes and paper

old calendars (for collages)

assorted sizes, types of spools and buttons

old toothbrushes 

Q-tips, cotton balls, white coffee filters, doilies 

4 cans  unscented Shaving Cream

1 box Borax

yarn and string

Cooking Supplies (We cook at least 1 time a month!)

3 Assorted sized bowls and wooden mixing spoons

1 large slotted spoon 

1 set of each Measuring spoons and cups

2 Glass Measurers

4 Funnels 

Cookie Cutters

2 Rolling pins

2 Cooling racks

1 mini Muffin Tin

Muffin tins


Wax paper, aluminum foil, 

4 soft grip vegetable peelers 

Can opener

Food coloring

Sugar, flour, oil

salt, baking soda, baking powder, cream of tartar



Dishwashing (We have a set of dishes to use for the food that we cook:-)

Sponges, dish soap, dish bin, and drying rack and cloth


Assorted sized storage bins and baskets

8-16 Flashlights with batteries


Wood scraps

Wood cookies

Stuffed animals and puppets