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Families of St. George School,

You may have seen the announcement that I’ve been hired as the new Principal for the St. George School. My greatest hope, and it speaks to how I lead, is to be a helpful force in making this school a positive place for students, staff, and the community.

This year starts my 21st year in education. I graduated from what was Georges Valley in ‘96, went to UMaine and started as a school counselor in 2002 at Oxford Hills Middle School. After a few years there I spent the next 10 years in Gorham as a 6th-12th grade school counselor until I transitioned to an assistant principal for the next 5 years at the high school. I spent 19 years in the Windham/Gorham area before returning home to Thomaston. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to live and work in a place I grew up and have had a wonderful time reconnecting with friends and family.

I’m a proud Mainer. I believe all students should be equipped with the experiences and learning to do whatever they want when they finish school. I want students to see how the midcoast is a place they could call home and build a life. I want to challenge them to develop the skills, mindset, and imagination to create innovative businesses in St. George and the midcoast area. This is all for the greater goal of engaging students in their learning and keeping the midcoast a vibrant place to call home.

Like many educators, I’ve spent many summers, breaks, and weekends working. For me, it was in the area of plumbing and heating. Ironically, it was during this experience, after spending 6 years in college, that I learned I loved working with my hands and had an aptitude for the work. This experience showed me the value of hard work, left me with an affinity for the trades, and exposed me to the critical need and phenomenal opportunity in the trades. As you might imagine, I’m pretty impressed and excited about the CTE and Makerspace and the enormous potential it affords.

As you may gather, my educational philosophy is very much aligned with who I am. I believe the foundation of learning for children is centered around connection and relationship. We are a community first, so learning happens when we have positive and authentic relationships with each other. Learning that is connected to students is engaging. For all grades, but particularly in the middle years when their bodies and brains are hijacked by rapid growth, it’s important that learning is also experiential.

Finally, now that you’ve heard from me, I’d like to hear from you! I want to invite you to come in and visit. I’d appreciate an opportunity to connect with you and I’d love to meet your child. Feel free to email or call me so we can schedule a time to meet. I can be reached at or 207-372-6312.


Ryan Watts

St. George School Principal