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March 9, 2022

Dear Families, 

The School Board met this evening to discuss the recent CDC masking recommendation for schools. The U.S. and Maine Centers for Disease Control now advise that universal masking in schools is optional. The Board, after reviewing recommendations from the Return to School Committee and hearing from parents, students, and community members, decided to follow CDC protocols and make masks optional at St. George School beginning tomorrow, March 10.

Masks will be optional  inside and outside of the school building as well as on buses and vans. Administrators will continue to closely monitor COVID 19 cases and make adjustments as necessary.  While masking is optional, the following guidelines remain in place: 

Students who test positive for COVID19 will be required to isolate either the full 10 days or provide a negative test result with days 6-10 to return to school. 
If a student returns to school after being COVID positive before the 10 day isolation period then they will remask for the remainder of the 10-day period.
Students who have been exposed to COVID19 within the home are recommended to stay home until they have received a negative test result within days 5-7.
Per the updated SOP, we will no longer be contact tracing, however, we will report weekly to the community on the number of positive cases.

We recognize that after two years of wearing masks that this is an important decision that may impact students, staff, families, and community members in different ways. As a school community, we will respect individual student, family and staff choices about whether to wear masks or not. Over the last couple of days, staff have met with their CREWs to discuss the importance of accepting individual choices about masks.  School-wide Behavior Interventionist Amy Hufnagel and School Social Worker Stephanie Simmons will work with individuals who may be fearful or anxious about this change. In addition, we placed another order for KN95 masks that will be available to students and staff next week. 

I would like to extend my gratitude to all St. George School students, families, and staff for their perseverance throughout the pandemic. We have made it this far together, as a community.  


Dr. Jessica Berry, Assistant Superintendent/ Special Education Director