St. George School and EL Education

St. George School is entering it's 4th year as a member of EL Education working to become a credentialed EL school. EL Education (formerly known as Expeditionary Learning) grew out of the Outward Bound model that focused on allowing students to engage in activities in which they are "likely to fail" and to "not hush up" their failure. Instead, this model teaches students "to overcome defeat" and "struggle on against odds until one day" they are "winning in spite of some disability," because there "always is some disability." An important component of EL is the belief that there "is no learning without challenge and emotion."

EL focuses on three components: Mastery of Knowledge and Skills; Character; and High Quality Student Work. To learn more about this structure, especially the focus on Character, please check out this video:

The EL philosophy lines up with our commitment as a community-school to ensure the success of every single one of our students and to contribute to the vitality of the Town of St. George. We want our students to thrive in terms of academics, character development, and health/wellness.