Dragon Seal

Dear Families,

This is not a letter about COVID. This is just a short note to recognize the remarkable nature of our school and community. What makes us remarkable are the people who make up our school community - families, staff, students, volunteers, and community partners. We're bound together in a shared commitment to our kids and community. Despite our differences and the obstacles we face as individuals and as a community, somehow, we hold together to take care of our kids and one another.  When we say Dragon Strong or "We're in this together," that's what we're talking about. 

Our school community is working every day to get better and help our students thrive. The Early Childhood Working Group - composed of staff, parents, and community members - wrote and received a grant to help fund a PreK Program at the school next year. Another group is working with MidCoast School of Technology and an architect to create a K-12 Career Technology Education (CTE) Program and build a CTE/Makerspace Shop behind the school. We received a $250,000 grant to help pay for the new building and over $100,000 in private donations. If you're interested in supporting either of these projects, please consider donating to the St. George School Fund or contact me (m.felton@stgeorgemsu.org or 372.6312) about getting involved.

Most importantly, day-to-day, our staff works tirelessly to educate, transport, feed, care for, and support our students. Their commitment and effort have helped keep our kids in school, learning, and thriving despite the challenges of the pandemic.

These are all things to celebrate and remember - especially during the short days of winter and the difficulties posed by dealing with a pandemic that is increasingly hitting close to home.

This short note is becoming long so I'll end it here. We've accomplished an incredible amount over the past 6 years as an independent school district and we're only just getting started. Starting a school-based PreK program and bringing CTE (i.e., vocational technology) back to the school are on the horizon. Let's celebrate our accomplishments and keep focused on the opportunities ahead. Here's to 2022, our school, our community, and every Dragon!