Dear Families

On Saturday morning, 3rd grader Aaliyah Carballo, a beloved member of our school and community, passed away at Barbara Bush Hospital in Portland after a heroic battle with cancer.  Aaliyah was not only a member of our school and community, but an inspiration to all of us.  She loved her family and friends.  She loved attending school with her classmates and teachers.  She loved being part of the St. George community.  And she was loved by all of us and a community of people that stretched beyond the borders of our town to all who were inspired by her story, courage, and spirit.  She and her family, through their love and resilience, brought us together and reminded us of the power of the human spirit and community. Please join me and our whole school community in offering our condolences to Aaliyah’s family and lifting them up in our thoughts and prayers.    

The school Crisis Team met this morning to discuss how we can support students, staff, and families in the days to come.  To provide staff with time to meet and prepare, we will have an 1-hour delay tomorrow, Monday, December 6; school will start at 9 a.m.  School Social Worker Stephanie Simmons and School-wide Behavior Interventionist Amy Hufnagel will meet with classes in grades 3-8 and be available to support individual students as well.   

On Wednesday, December 8, staff, students, and community members are invited to wear pink and sparkles to honor Aaliyah on what would have been her 9th birthday.  There will also be a community vigil held on the school playground at 6 p.m. on Wednesday evening.  Please see our school website for additional information about the vigil and memorial for Aaliyah. 

As a school and community, we will move forward together celebrating and honoring Aaliyah’s life, supporting her family, and being there for one another.  We will remember what she taught us about courage and resilience.  And we’ll remember her smile.  

If you have general questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Jessica Berry.  If you have concerns about helping your child deal with grief, please contact Stephanie Simmons (s.simmons@stgeorgemsu.org) or Amy Hufnagel (a.hufnagel@stgeorgmsu.org). 


Mike Felton, Superintendent