Dear Families and Community Members,

I am pleased to announce that Adam Bullard will serve as St. George School’s Instructional Administrator this coming school year. In the school’s shared leadership model, the Instructional Administrator (formerly referred to as the Instructional Coordinator) supports, guides, and coordinates teacher teams; focuses on teaching, learning, and curriculum; manages disciplinary procedures; and supports family communication and engagement. The Instructional Administrator also facilitates the Leadership Team and is responsible for teacher evaluations.

I want to thank the Hiring Committee, school staff, and School Board for all the time time, thought, and care that they invested into better defining the Instructional Administrator role and designing the process that ultimately led to Adam’s hiring.

Adam brings a wealth of experience to the Instructional Administrator position. He received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Maine where he majored in Psychology and his Master of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Adam began his career in education as an Ed Tech III at Camden-Rockport Middle School (CRMS) in 2002. He went on to become a special education teacher at CRMS, Thomaston Grammar School, and Georges Valley High School. In 2009 he became the Special Education Case Manager for the Phoenix Behavior Program at Rockland District Middle School (RDMS). While at RDMS he also served as the Special Education Team Leader, a Safety Care Trainer, and was an Assistant Indoor Track Coach at Oceanside High School.

In 2013, Adam came to St. George School where he has taught 5th grade as well as 4th-7th grade math. As the Summer Math Camp Director, Adam has been a driving force behind the continued growth and expansion of that program. Adam coached Cross Country and Spring Track and is a longtime volunteer with Trekkers. He is a valued and respected member of the school-community with a deep commitment to EL Education, shared leadership, and our values and vision. (And – just for the record – Adam also plays in a rock band and is an avid Springsteen fan.)

Personally, I am excited for the opportunity to work more closely with Adam as all of us work to ensure that every child in our school thrives and, in the process, stretch people’s imaginations as to what’s possible in public education.


Mike Felton St. George MSU Superintendent