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Notice of Public’s Right to Comment on the St. George MSU Title One Application

We are accepting comments on our application to use federal Title One funds to support students who demonstrate difficulties with math and reading. Please direct comments to Mike Felton, Superintendent via email ( or phone (207.372.6312).

As we have done for the past five years, we will use our federal Title One money to help fund the Title One teaching position. This person oversees and implements the Title One Program. This program serves as an RTI (Response to Intervention) Tier II framework at the St. George School and provides high quality, research-based instruction and intervention based on individual student need. Students who do not make sufficient progress in the general education classroom, following Tier I interventions, will be provided individualized or small group supplemental instruction in literacy and mathematics through Title One. Assessment data will be used to monitor progress frequently to make informed decisions about instruction. The Title One process will also include parent notification for all students transitioning into Tier II for services and will provide them with progress reports each trimester.

In the fall, all students are benchmarked in math and reading using AimsWeb. Students who score in the 25th percentile or lower in math and reading are identified for consideration for Title 1 (RTI Tier 2) services. We administer the NWEA MAP Growth for math and reading in the spring. Students who score at or below the 20th percentile on the NWEA are identified for consideration for Title 1 (RTI Tier 2) services as well. Teacher observations are also used to identify students who may benefit from Title 1 (RTI Tier 2) services. Our goal is for 75% of Title One (RtI Tier 2) students to meet their growth goals on the NWEA in the area in which (Math or Reading) they receive Title One services. Please submit comments by Monday, June 15 and thank you!


Mike Felton, St. George MSU

207.372.6312 (school)