Jackson Memorial Library

Where: Jackson Memorial Library in Tenants Harbor

When: Begins on October 27th, 2020. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1:30-3:30

What: Come do homework, study and have access to library resources with peers and classmates in the Jackson Memorial Library. The library will be open to St. George high school students only during this time, with the expectation that students will use this time for academic work and be respectful of the library’s everyday protocols and staff. The Trekkers Program will be  providing a staff volunteer to oversee the students and the program during each study session.


  • Students must symptom screen each time before attending a library session and stay home if exhibiting illness.
  • Students must wear a mask at all times inside the library.
  • Students must sanitize upon entering and exiting the library and sanitize their working location upon leaving.
  • Mask breaks are allowed and will be offered every 45 minutes, in designated areas. The entryway, and outdoors are available for mask breaks. Location may vary depending on other groups using the library campus.
  • Students must stay in designated work areas.
  • Students must agree to stay for the duration of that study period.
  • Students agree to use their time for academic work and are responsible for showing up on time and with all the necessary materials, including computers. Some computers are available for use if a student forgets their own device.
  • Students will be respectful to volunteers, library staff and property.
  • Dismissal will be promptly at 3:30, unless a note is provided. Students will meet drivers outside at 3:30, or walk home.
  • Students must register for the days they wish to attend each week. You will not be allowed to come on the days you are not registered for.
  • If a student is no longer going to be able to make a library session, they must notify the volunteer as soon as possible so that they can open up the slot to someone who might be waitlisted.

How To Join: Sign up online at this link: https://forms.gle/YPxokGb13zVF52HE7

Questions? Please feel free to reach out to Stephanie Simmons with any questions (s.simmons@stgeorgemsu.org