St. George Dragon

Attention St. George Residents!

The End-of-the-School-Year Staff Parade will be happening on Wednesday, June 17th. In addition to the staff, the 8th grade students and their families will be joining the parade in order to be honored for their time at St. George School and to wish them well on their journey into high school.

The Parade will be leaving the lower lot of the school at 11AM. Below, is the route that we will be traveling. Note, this is a different route than the one before April break.


  • Turn RIGHT onto Port Clyde Rd.
  • Factory Rd.
  • Glenmere Rd.
  • LEFT onto Ridge Rd.
  • Back to Port Clyde Rd.
  • Glenmere
  • Turkey Cove Rd.
  • Main Street
  • River Rd.
  • Kinney Woods Rd.
  • Dennison Rd.
  • LEFT onto Spruce Head. Rd./73 toward Spruce Head
  • a. Bus turns around at Patten Pt. Rd.
  • b. Cars drive by, turn left on Island Rd.
  • c. Meet bus back at corner of Rt. 73
  • Proceed onto Rt. 73 toward River Rd.
  • River Rd.
  • Wallston Rd.
  • End at School

Just like last time, please feel free to document this exciting community event in photos and video.

If you have any questions regarding the parade details, feel free to email me at or Randy Elwell at