World Language Announcement

March 10, 2020

Dear St. George Families,

There has been a change in the World Language teaching position at our school which has resulted in the hiring of Pam Schaltenbrand as our long-term substitute.  We welcome Mrs. Schaltenbrand back to our school as most of you will remember she was our long-term substitute in World Language last year as well.  

Pam has met with team leaders to discuss what students will be focusing on for the rest of the year in this class.  K-6 students will have cultural studies - beginning with Ireland - 7th grade will learn about Celtic mythology and 8th graders will use their time in class to prepare for their upcoming trip to Quebec.   

We have had several transitions within our World Language program over the past few years.  The School Board, school staff, and the World Language Working Group - which consists of teachers, administrators, parents, and community members - have all been discussing how to chart a course forward that will create a strong and sustainable World Language Program.  

I encourage you to reach out to me, our Superintendent Mike Felton, or your child’s teacher with any questions you may have about the World Language program or your child’s progress.


Adam Bullard

Instructional Administrator

St. George School