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Highlighting Saint George Community Members

Randy Elwell works at St. George MSU. Randy drives the bus. When Randy drives the bus he makes up songs to sing to himself. Randy has been driving the bus for a very long time. He also maintains the school. Randy has been working at STG school since 1996. He is the Transportation Director and Head of Maintenance. As Head of Maintenance, Randy teaches other maintenance staff how to do their job. When a pipe is broken, Randy fixes the pipe. He makes sure that everything is working correctly.

Randy is a great volunteer for the community! He does a bit of everything. He started volunteering for the fire safety office when he was 15 years old, so for 42 years. He responds to calls and accidents. His most difficult calls were when the bait shop in Port Clyde burned and a house fire when a woman died and he found her. The next volunteer job is the select board. He attends meetings, works on the town budget, and helps solve the town concerns. He belongs to the Masons and ODD Fellows.

In Randy’s spare time, he likes to move around in his garage. He welds things. He cuts wood. He hunts. He loves to fish. He also loves to spend time with his grandson. He is also building a bandsaw mill. Randy has two dogs.

His favorite food is steak and potatoes. Randy doesn’t like to swim because he can’t swim. Randy doesn’t really like sweets. Randy drove our moms on the school bus. Randy really loves being in the ST. George community.

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