Student Newsroom

4th Grade Learn to Ski and Snowboard

On Thursday, February 1st, 4th Grade went skiing and snowboarding at the Camden Snow Bowl. First, we had to practice many things such as putting equipment on, moving our legs, and how to stop. We started on a small hill. Some of the feelings we had were excitement and fear. Most of us even fell. We learned to get up, step, turn and stop. The magic carpet brought us back up the hill. Experienced skiers and snowboarders went down the bigger hills. 

Snowboarding seems harder to learn but easier to get better at. To turn on a snowboard you have to use your shoulders, to turn on ski’s you have to use your toes. To stop on skis we liked to use the pizza technique. Confidence was gained after the first couple of weeks. We fell less, our skills got better, and we learned how to stop more effectively. Learning how to ski and snowboard was not for everyone but a lot of the 4th grade group found it fun and exciting. We used a lot of perseverance to push through the challenges of learning something new. We are so thankful to the crew at the Camden Snow Bowl for teaching us how to ski and snowboard. 

-Gilbert Boynton, Bayleigh Morris, Darrin Weaver