Yass Prize Quarterfinalist 2023 Logo

St. George MSU's CTE/Makerspace Project was just selected as one of 64 quarterfinalists for the Yass Prize!  This is a national competition with a mission "to identify and support more best-in-class education providers who can tackle the big education challenges of the day and deliver an education for students that is Sustainable, Transformational, Outstanding and Permissionless."

We were chosen from nearly 2,000 applications, representing 27 million students from every sector in education and every grade in the PreK-12 continuum across all 50 states. We were competing with charter schools, private schools, education technology companies, national school networks, and educator recruitment programs.   We were one of only three "traditional" public schools  chosen in the country!!!

Just being selected as a quarterfinalist guarantees us $100,000 for the CTE/Makerspace Project.

This project grew from the requests of teachers, parents, and community members in 2016 to bring shop back to St. George School. It connects to the legacy of the Grace Institute, a local nonprofit that provided culinary arts and shop classes to St. George students from  1936-2011. It took shape as the Makerspace Initiative in 2016.  And it's built on the legacy of generations of St. George educators and staff who prioritized hands-on/minds-on learning that engaged students and connected them to their community.

A BIG thanks to the CTE/Makerspace Working Group, CTE Building Committee, CTE Curriculum Team, and all of you who do the hard work bringing education alive for our students.  

You are not only impacting our students, but also stretching the nation's imagination as to what's possible in public education.


Mike Felton, Superintendent