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Student Newsroom                                                                                                                         Editor-In-Chief Edition

The student newsroom started off as a way to blossom our Yearbook Committee into something impactful and fun for our entire school. The idea came from one of our favorite people, Superintendent, Mike Felton. When I took on doing the yearbook, I knew I was going to need some help. I convinced a large group of eighth graders, and one seventh grader to help me. They were my first group of news reporters. Isaiah and Genevieve started us off with a visit from author Chris Van Dusen who wrote the “If I built a” series and other books. Gen and Isaiah are two of the most gentle and kind souls, working with them was a breeze and a joy. 

Zoe and Meg next reported on 1st grade’s Celebration of Learning. Meg is very spirited (apparently chatty too as you will see in the superlative section of the yearbook). Zoe is hard working and all smiles, all the time. These two bring a smile to my face every time I see them. 

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I was nervous for the next story as my skating skills are not nearly as good as they could be. Savannah and Molly tackled this story with ease. Skating and taking photos was a breeze for them (except when the skating instructor didn’t know they were there for news stories and kindly asked them to put their phones away). Molly was our only 7th grader on the Yearbook Committee. Gear up for next year Molly, the committee will need you!

Makayla and Payton, big time Dunkin fans and a bunch of fun to be with. Fisher Engineering was their story and not an easy one. Loud headphone chatter, safety glasses and a lot of information to take in. These two really did a fantastic job of staying focused but making the tour extra fun. St. George School won’t be the same with out them next year. 


Kale, Finn, and Mason. With this combo, there is sure to be a lot of giggles. These three cheered loudly while they borrowed my phone to take nearly a million photos. They worked well together as they each put their own little spin on the Geography Bee story. This was possibly the quickest written story in history, they really got the job done! 

Next up is Spencer Hilchey, reporting on Channeling Grimm. Spencer may be one of the most helpful, friendly kids I’ve met. A professional photographer when it comes to iPhones for sure! Spencer had lots of great ideas and is our first reporter to do a full story on his own. I’ll leave out his many up close selfies he took but include this one of him photographing the play. 

The walk-a-thon sure was an event to remember! Mila and Darrin took this one on. While the temptation of running in the walk-a-thon became too much and they had to get a lap in, these two stayed very focused and observed many details about this event. Mila brought lots of energy, Darrin was very focused on getting the job done well. 


Olivia is our next writer. Poor Olivia was thrown into writing last minute but took on the challenge. This girl lights up a room with her happy go lucky spirit. As one of the only people that wrote this year without a partner, she did a fantastic job and really cared about her writing. Olivia, I appreciate you taking this one on for me!

I had been waiting for Natalie to do a story. Finally when local florist Michelle Young offered an after school program, Natalie had her chance to report about all they learned. Natalie’s writing was beautifully done. Natalie reported about Michelle’s way of making everyone around her feel comfortable. Natalie was able to pick up on this because she also has a way of making everyone around her feel comfortable. 

This is my first year at St. George School and I really didn’t know what to expect. Within the first week of school starting I had a group of students that would say “hi” to me every single day. I had teachers that were so incredibly kind and welcoming. I had Janet, Nancy and Dawn saving me parfaits and Ashley Geel letting me play cornhole, ride scooters and beat Ezra at horse. I passed out candy to Liz and Autumn and annoyed Mr. Felton and Mr. Watts to no end. I built a snowman with Cassie and found my long lost sibling Randy. But my favorite memories are from the Student Newsroom. Thank you all so much for the memories. I will cherish them always. 

Krystle Weaver


District Administrative Assistant