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Student Newsroom                                                                                                         Volume 3

Geography Bee

A great battle was fought on March 21st 2023 in the gym at St. George MSU. The Geography Bee was held for the first time in 3 years and it did not disappoint. The starting line up was Isaiah Felton, Zoe Hufnagel, Gen Matthews, Meg Kivus, Kiefer Healey, Josiah McPhail, Miles Bartke, Lars Schroeder, Nadia Kirkham and Norah Rochon. The first question was incredibly difficult, no one got this one right, the judges were forced to strike this question. Two students got the second question right. In suspense, we listened as question after question was asked to Nadia Kirkham and Isaiah Felton. The bee went into 10 overtime rounds! In the end Nadia was crowned the winner, the crowd cheered with excitement. For their participation, all students received a shirt. The shirt was custom designed by Savannah Myers. All 10 students did a great job and made St. George MSU proud.

-Kale Melquist, Finn Mitchell, Mason Cushman