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7th Grade Visits Fisher Plow

On March 16th and 20th the 7th grade went and visited Fisher Plow Company. They have been building robots and learning how to code them in STEAM with Mrs Palmer. The 7th grade was the first group of middle schoolers to visit Fisher ever. When the 7th graders first arrived, they were brought to a meeting room where they were shown a slideshow of how they make their products using different robots and programming to code. The 7th graders learned that each robot costs between $250k to as high as $500k. Robots are mostly used in this facility because there is a high demand for employees. They learned about the huge variety of products they make at Fisher plow. 

Following the presentation, they put these cool headphones with microphones on and went out to the working floor. They showed them all the different stations like painting, welding, cutting, and taught them about the process of how they create their products. Fisher also makes a ton of items in house such as their part carts, fixtures, tools, even their coat rack. It was a great experience. Makayla interviewed Kaleb LeCaptain after the tour, Kaleb said his favorite part was watching the robots weld. Kaleb said that if he ever worked there, he would be a welder. 7th grade did an amazing job listening and learning, way to go Dragons!

-Payton Warrington and Makalya Kalloch