Our Vision

Our vision is for a great K-8 community school:

We envision St. George School as a supportive learning community where everyone, without exception, is committed to becoming better at what they do and pulling together to provide a world class education to all children.

At St. George School learning will be relevant. It will be driven by meaningful questions that are guided by national standards. In order to give students a broader knowledge base and expand their world view, the curriculum will integrate science, math and humanities.

All students will look forward to coming to school and will become actively engaged and motivated learners who appreciate the impact their decisions and actions have not only on themselves, but on others.

St. George School will be a valued and contributing part of the community. One that not only honors the history and traditions of St. George and takes advantage of the resources and relationships within the community, but one that actively works to improve the lives of the people of St. George and instill the value of stewardship.

Throughout the mid-coast area, the St. George School will be recognized for its excellence. Consequently, in a time of decreasing school enrollments, St. George School will continue to grow and be a vibrant member of the community.

Research findings support that high performing schools serving adolescent learners share three essential elements: academic excellence, responsiveness to the unique needs of adolescents, and social equity. In other words, they set high standards for all students, create a personalized and caring learning environment, and provide students with the academic, social-emotional, health, and other services they need to succeed. These schools are also characterized by shared and sustained leadership, a deep commitment to continuous improvement, and a powerful community of practice in which professional learning, experimentation, and reflection are the norm. (National Forum – Policy Statement on Grade Configuration, July 2008)