Philosophy/Program Guide

St. George School is a K-8 school in the middle of Tenants Harbor, on the St. George peninsula. St. George is made up of five villages: Spruce Head, Clark Island, Tenants Harbor, Martinsville, and Port Clyde. St. George School was built in 1957 to consolidate the little village schools. Major additions were added in 1982 (the junior high wing) and in 1997 (K-4 addition). The commitment to middle-level education and philosophy began in the late 1980s; Expeditionary Learning was added in 2008. Currently, approximately 200 children attend the St George School.

Mission Statement: “St. George School is a community-centered school where students and educators are active learners, and all work together to develop habits and skills to be successful.”

“My school is a very small school, but it is a very good school. All of the teachers that work here care about us very much and take care of us. Our community and our school are like a huge family. All of our teachers want us to do our best and they want us to make it through school and actually do something with our lives.” Student BC, 6/2011